We have learned in our agriculture heritage of over 100 years of continuous farming that being good stewards of the land will keep the land productive for generations to come. We strive to maintain natural balance with certain principles: biodiversity, ecological balance, sustainability, natural plant fertilization, natural pest management and soil integrity.

Our Cattle is grass-fed, we do not administer added growth hormones or any antibiotics in the feed. Our cattle have the room to move about and act naturally as they would in the wild. Practicing good animal husbandry and humane animal treatment is at the forefront of what we do.

We’re a family operation, the Gore family has lived and farmed this same land for well over 100 years. Our CECO (Chief Executive Cow Operator) Paul Gore has personally lived and farmed this land for over 7 decades! Our Grandfathers were brothers and grew up together in a home in the same place as did their father . There hasn’t been much that at some point wasn’t grown on this farm but today our focus is on the Angus Cattle breed. We aim to produce superior cattle and beef products on our farm and we bred the best with the best to make the best.