We at 455 Farms spend more time than ever evaluating the genetic potential of our herd.  Improving the quality and marketability of our beef begins with genomic data.  We have more information at our fingertips now than ever before and it’s an incredible time to be in beef industry. Take a look at the bulls that have sired calves at our farm. All of these bulls were selected for their ability to produce cattle with high quality carcass  merit and increased herd fertility. Our dams have been hand selected and rank in the top of the Angus bred for many of their genetic qualities to enhance our overall herd performance. 

   18865380- Bridges Ten- X 615-  this bull is our calving ease high merit carcass specialist.  He is in the top 2% of the breed for calving ease , top 5% of the breed for Rib eye,  top 10% of the breed for marbling!

   17894794- Bragging Rights 4372- This bull is the sire to 12 head on the farm now.  He is a product of the famous 44 Farms in Texas and sold for $100,000.  His mother Ruby 2357 sold for $500,000.  This is the best of the best!

   16502777- GAR MC Bextor J9010-  This bull in the sire to 5 head on the farm now.  He is a top 10% in the breed for marbling and top 10% for calving ease direct and maternal.  This bull produces great daughters and we have them.

   2M T1007 Retail Product 063- This bull has sired multiple mother cows on our farm and he makes great daughters which we retain in our herd. He is a top 10% for beef grid and quality and top 15% for marbling and beef yield. His daughters provide high quality milk.

   OCR X366 Objective C104-  This bull have sired multiple calves on our farm.  He is outstanding in growth and high quality daughters.  A top 10% in the breed for the feedlot beef value index and top 15% in the breed for weaning and yearling weights.

   Yon Burgess C900-  This new mother comes to us from the famous Yon Farms.  She is a top 1% in the breed for her milking ability , top 1% in the breed for heifer pregnancy and top 4% in the breed for maternal qualities in weaning calves.

   Yon Belton A153-  This bull is the sire to a calf we have on the farm who will stay as one of our future stars.  Yon Belton is a top performer in growth and heifer pregnancy and we look forward to spreading his genetics in our herd.

Bridges Absolute 616- This powerful female adds the growth to our cattle.  She is top 1% of the bred for yearling growth and top 2% in the bred for weaning weights.  She ranks in the top 4% fo the bred for her $beef , top 2% for carcass weights, top 2% in $feedlot performance .  She has  a calf by the number 1 animal in the entire angus bred now by the great Bridges Foretold.

Bridges Purpose 619- This female puts the quality beef on the table.  She is in the top 3% of the bred for rib eye, top 15% of the bred for marbling, top 3% for $grid, top 10% for quality beef, top 10% for yield grade, top 4% for yearling growth top 10% for weaning weights and the list goes on.  She has a bull calf by the great GAR Ashland.

Bridges Foretold- This bull is the number 1 animal in the entire Angus bred for $W, he ranks 5th among no parent bulls for weaning weights with the highest calving ease amount the top 5. Foretold ranks in the top 1% for $W, $F, 10% for marbling and ribeye.

GAR Ashland- Gardiner Angus produces some of the best bulls in the world and this guy is one of them.  He is the sire to our Gore Ashland bull.  He ranks in the top 1% for the $beef, top 2% for $QG, $cw (carcass), marbling, weaning, top 3% for calving ease, $W, $grid, $ribeye, top 4% for weaning and yearling weights.  He can do it all and we are excited about his sons potential on our farm.

We have many offspring from the most superior Angus cattle in the breed.  With names such as GAR Prophet, Deer Valley Rita, Connealy In Sure, MCC Daybreak, KCF Bennett Absolute, Sitz Upward, GAR Objective, GAR Predestined, Mytty in Focus and many more.  WE are working hard to deliver what our customers want!